Hi, DumDum
DumDum supercharges the way you think by connecting collaborative creativity with the power of A.I.
The world is full of unsolved problems. Our powerful and easy-to-use creative tool and workshops are designed to solve them.
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DumDum UnFocus

Generate tens of thousands of original data points to supplement traditional research.

Dum Dum UnFocus is a highly engaging and effective deep-dive strategic session that we run with internal and external stakeholders.

All data is available in DumDum | Explore

DumDum Thinkathon

300 ideas per hour in a live game experience.

Anyone can join this hybrid game digitally or IRL to generate tons of strategic ideas FAST.All data is available in DumDum | Explore

All data is available in DumDum | Explore

DumDum Explore

Build your very own brain.

This AI-powered library holds every idea and insight from Unfocus and Thinkathons. Everything is analyzed, organized and re-connected to inspire innovative concepts and new approaches to any problem.

"I love the Dum Dum experience because it is such a powerful exercise of open mindedness. The many biases and tendencies that usually keep us in a box or within a framework are suspended for those minutes filling out a Dum Dum card, trying to make space for impossible solutions."

Jun Harada
Head of Marketing & Strategy at Signal

"DumDum is like a fitness class for your brain.
The DumDum methodology brought our internal teams together to improve our creative thinking and the output was incredibly valuable, from identifying testable products, new revenue streams and brand platforms. DumDum is a necessary plug-in for any business looking to innovate."

Sean Bonthuys,
Director Brand Marketing-Pepsi

"I was blown away by both the process and the resulting product. There were a million ideas to choose from, but my favorite was the one that fundamentally reconfigured how we approached the business challenge."

Steve Strand
ex Global Comms Nike

"As a platform that merges idea generation with multidimensional communication at scale, Dum Dum has tremendous potential to expand our capacity for effective and humane communication."

Joseph White
Director Workplace Futures &
Insight at Herman Miller

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